Outbound Marketing & Demand Generation

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Posted on July 5, 2024


Project Desciption

This project intends to drive targeted lead generation, enhance engagement with potential clients, and increase the number of sign-ups and active project posts on the Connected EXPERTISE platform. This approach leverages direct and personalized marketing tactics to reach decision-makers in the relevant lighting industry, aiming to establish a strong market presence and achieve significant growth for the platform.

Key Objectives of the Plan

  1. Lead Database Development: Creating a segmented database of potential leads by vertical (manufacturer, distributor, agent, or contractor), role, and interest level, enabling targeted outreach efforts.
  2. Email Marketing Campaigns: Designing and executing email campaigns to introduce the platform to potential leads, showcasing its unique selling points (USPs), and encouraging sign-ups.
  3. Cold Calling Strategy: Develop scripts to effectively communicate the platform’s value through cold calls.
  4. LinkedIn Outreach: LinkedIn is used to reach potential leads with personalized messages directly, leveraging the platform’s networking capabilities.
  5. Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Implementing ABM strategies for high-value prospects with personalized marketing campaigns and sales outreach, focusing on converting top accounts.
  6. Personal Participation: Execute the plan while encompassing the outlined key components of the plan.


The budget is an estimate only.  Each bidder quoting on the project will be asked to establish a budget number per week for the services.

Success Metrics

  1. Increase in platform sign-ups and active users.
  2. Active project postings on the platform.
  3. Activity on LinkedIn encouraging postings and comments.

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