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A Unique company run by true industry experts

The team at Global Lighting & Controls are experts on the marketing, development and certification of lighting and lighting control products in the United States.  GL&C expert consultants can help you select and develop the correct products for the U.S. market as well as help you navigate both the legal and cultural requirements of selling in the United States.


GL&C can then become your North Americian Sales and Marketing Team, developing and executing your sales and marketing strategy.

Market Analysis

Entering the U.S. market is no small matter and not every company and every product is positioned for the challenges and rewards that can come in the United States.  GL&C can help you make a thoroughly informed decision by conducting a market analysis based on your specific products.  Any consultant can give you broad numbers.  At GL&C we show you not only the broad sales potential but we also give you a full analysis of coming trends, national and regional preference and biases all combined with recommendations on product development to suit the U.S. market.  

Logistics and Warehousing

GL&C can assist you in setting up your storage and logistic operations in the United States.  Centrally, regionally or locally we can help you choose the right structure to suit your sales and operational goals.

Product Consulting

The United States is both one country and a collection of 50 States each with their own unique codes and product requirements.  GL&C can be your regulatory experts assuring that your products can be marketed in all 50 States.  In addition we will advise you on product development and modifications that will be needed based on mounting requirements, voltage, the need for UL certification and much more.

Sales Network Management

GL&C are not only lighting and lighting control product specialist we also have the sales and marketing expertise to help you succeed and achieve a return on your investment in the shortest amount of time.  GL&C can set up a network of local lighting industry sales experts in each State and in all major metropolitan areas. We can then have our regional sales experts manage the sales network making sure your products are their priority.

OEM Sales & Marketing

Are your products component or accessory based? GL&C has direct and personal relationships with lighting and control OEM’s decision makers looking for new, innovative and high quality products to add value to their product lines.

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