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About ConnectedEXPERTISE:

ConnectedEXPERTISE is a pioneering online platform designed to bridge the gap between those seeking specialized knowledge and the veterans who possess it. Born out of the challenge of accessing specialized expertise, we are committed to revolutionizing knowledge acquisition.

We boast a diverse and extensive portfolio of lighting veterans, industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and renowned experts who bring a wealth of experience across various domains within the lighting industry. From research and development, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, sales and marketing, customer support and service, supply chain and procurement, logistics and distribution, finance and accounting, and human resources and compliance, our platform uses a comprehensive range of specialized knowledge tailored to the lighting industry’s unique needs.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our intuitive platform facilitates seamless connections between clients and experts. Clients can easily browse through our portfolio, review experts’ backgrounds, areas of expertise, and success stories, and engage directly with them on active projects.

At ConnectedEXPERTISE, we serve as a catalyst for innovation, empowering individuals, and organizations to overcome complex challenges, foster collaboration, and drive growth in their industries. We illuminate the path to specialized knowledge with the vision of a future where the power of knowledge is accessible to all, leading to continuous learning, innovation, and meaningful change.

Our Vision

ConnectedEXPERTISE envisions a world where the power of specialized knowledge is accessible to all, unhindered by geographical barriers or limited professional networks. We aim to be the leading online platform that transforms how specialized knowledge is acquired, fostering a future that thrives on collaboration, sustainability, and innovation.

Our vision is to light the way for continuous learning and growth, empowering individuals, and organizations to drive meaningful change within the lighting industry and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission at ConnectedEXPERTISE is to provide access to specialized knowledge by bridging the gap between companies seeking it and the experts who possess it. We aim to promote innovation and progress by creating an interactive online platform where a diverse portfolio of lighting veterans can share their wealth of experience, insights, and solutions with individuals and organizations globally.

By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, we strive to illuminate the path to overcoming complex challenges and unlocking success.

Our Values

We strive to honor these values with every client and expert.


At ConnectedEXPERTISE, innovation is our lifeblood. We champion a revolutionary approach to knowledge sharing by leveraging the latest technology, thus driving change and progress. We are dedicated to transforming the traditional methods of accessing specialized knowledge, challenging existing norms, and striving to continually improve and advance our interactive online platform.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our operations. We have built a diverse, online community of industry veterans and lighting companies. Through fostering a cooperative atmosphere, we promote knowledge exchange and active engagement, breaking down barriers and helping individuals and organizations globally unlock their potential for success.


Quality in our services is what sets us apart. With an extensive portfolio of seasoned professionals and industry leaders, we ensure our clients access the highest caliber of specialized knowledge. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and a personalized, seamless experience for our clients, meeting their unique needs with tailored, top-tier expertise.


At ConnectedEXPERTISE, we operate with uncompromised integrity. We value transparency in our processes and are accountable to our clients, from the clients who seek knowledge to the experts who share it. We abide by ethical standards in all our dealings and are committed to building trust, driving responsible practices, and contributing positively to the broader community.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our approach gives your business a winning advantage as we use millions of data points to create relevant connections
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Make ConnectedEXPERTISE the center of your talent acquisition approach, and use our talent network, matching technology, and customer service to close your talent gaps.


Use the reach of our network to connect to talent in any region, sector function or level.


We match talent based on skills, budgets, location, and availability. And if you have recurring needs, expert search allows you to connect any time.


Matching starts instantly, and we can connect you with talent to review within 24 hours, so your projects don’t have to wait.

Fluid Workforce

Create the mix of talent that’s right for your organization: we can connect you to permanent, interim, or project-based talent that’s available up to speed quickly.


ConnectedEXPERTISE technology uses more data points and learns from your requirements to find the perfect match every time.

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